Kracky Snax

About Kracky Snax

Kracky Snax begin at The Lucky Goat Butcher Shop in East Hampton, CT.The Lucky Goat Butcher Shop

Starting with 100% USDA Beef Liver, skilled butchers hand cut our beef to precisely 1/4" so our treats are always crispy and fun!

    Adam from Lucky Goat Butcher Shop

    Here's Adam with a fresh batch for us.

    Next the hand cut liver is placed in purpose built ovens to begin the slow process of low temperature baking or "Low'n Slow".

    Pure USDA Beef


    We do it 'Low & Slow' which anyone will tell you, produces the best flavors. Kracky Snax are baked at specific temperatures above 150° for well over 24hrs, which develops delicious flavors and smells, but equally as important, our Signature Crunch!

      We never stop innovating!