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Kracky Snax: Made in USA & Veteran Owned

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What's in the can?

We start with 100% USDA Beef... 

Who are we?

Kracky Snax is a Veteran Owned Small Business. 


treats for large dogs
Recently purchased Kracky Snax for my Great Dane. He really enjoys them. Good size and texture. Chewy enough where it’s not gone instantly. No gross smell that can be associated with some other animal based snacks. Highly recommended and we will be a returning customer!

– Josh

treats for large dogs
Lincoln LOVES Kracky Snax. The first box we bought was stolen off the table and devoured in seconds. So we're using the second box to teach self control.

– Jacqueline

I really appreciate the customer service. The package arrived yesterday and to say my dog is obsessed with these would be an understatement. I made him do a trick and gave him a piece, and he wouldn’t stop doing tricks all night for more!

– Natalie

Funny story, my wife is doing training classes with our dog and as part of it they have to bring several high value treats b/c the environment is so stressful to the dogs. Literally, the only thing he will eat there is Kracky Snax. Turned down bacon(!) & hot dogs, but would still eat the Kracky Snax. I’d say that’s a pretty rave review!

– Barry

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