Our Story

Learn more about how Kracky Snax started, and answer the question: “What’s in the can?”

How Kracky Snax Began

It was a journey that began with a dog named Brady. Like many dogs, Brady is sensitive to the chemicals and additives found in most pet foods and treats. Although we had no trouble locating healthy main meals, finding a healthy treat proved nearly impossible.

After experimenting with countless ingredients and preparations, we found slow baked beef liver to be the best! If your dog is anything like Brady, or if you’re as conscious of what you’re giving your dog to eat as we are, Kracky Snax will make you happy. And your pup too.

Kracky Snax is a Veteran Owned Business!

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What’s in the Can?

We start with 100% USDA Beef liver sourced locally in the New England area

Kracky Snax begins at a locally sourced butcher shop. Skilled butchers hand cut our beef to precisely 1/4″ so our treats are always crispy and fun!

Here’s Adam with a fresh batch for us.

Next the hand cut liver is placed in purpose-built ovens to begin the slow process of low temperature baking.

We do it “Low & Slow” which anyone will tell you, produces the best flavors. Kracky Snax are baked at specific temperatures above 150 for well over 24 hours, which develops delicious flavors and smells, but equally as important, our Signature Crunch!

We package Kracky Snax in eco-friendly, plastic-free paper cans made in the USA.

To put it simply, we don’t want to contribute to issues involving the continued abuse of our planet. Kracky Snax uses paper cans, made by Custom Paper Tubes in Ohio, USA. CPT is a woman owned business that creates responsible packaging that is eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable.

Our commitment also includes the use of paper packing materials, and eco-friendly inks for our labels. We take the preservation of our planet seriously.

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